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18 12 2007

once again…i’ve gone back to blogger.

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What Happens When You Lip Sync To A Britney Spears Song.

23 11 2007

So good. It gets better each time I watch it.

Busy Times, Pop Art Paintings and a Drum Stick.

20 11 2007


Almost three weeks without a post. Life has been busy. The holidays have officially consumed me. Work is in full holiday mode. Lots of projects, services and events. And meetings to go along with said projects, services and events. Add several freelance projects in the mix and there’s not a whole lot of time to do much more.

Speaking of freelance projects, I’m getting back into the pop art painting. I’m in the early stages of a 24×48 painting of Nickel Creek mandolinist Chris Thile (after much grief from a friend…my bad, Colin.) and have plans to do several more in the next month. Here are a few paintings I’ve done…

If anyone is interested in any pop art paintings (for you or as a Christmas present) send me an email or leave a comment. It can be a painting of anything or of almost any picture.

Last Sunday, I saw Eisley and Mute Math play at the Warehouse in downtown Houston. Good, good times. It was the final night of their tour together so they pulled out all the stops. I was glad to finally see Eisley after missing them the past couple of times they played Houston. It was great to hear some of their new stuff live.When Mute Math hit the stage, I was looking forward to seeing how they would close out this tour. It was my third time to see them live and each time it seemed like their live show was more intense and energetic. I managed to capture some really good video footage thanks to Lisa surrendering her camera to me. I really need to get a new digital camera so she can take pics/video on her own camera. Thank you Lisa! Anyways, here are three clips that I edited from the footage.

Drummer Darren King uses a drum to stand on the crowd and to climb up the rafters!

At the end of the song you see drummer Darren King take his hi-hat to the back of the stage. After breaking several light bulbs with his hi-hat/stand and stick, he chunked the stick into the crowd and it came right to me. That’s why the camera veers to the right at the end. A bunch of hands went up for it and I caught it with my left hand at the same time as someone else. Instinct took over and I yanked the stick away only to find out several minutes later that the other hand belonged to a teenage girl. My apologies to whoever that was. I felt like a jerk when they told me.

If you haven’t seen Mute Math live you can see them in February when they open for Matchbox Twenty and Alanis Morisette at the Toyota Center. They’re not really an arena band but it will still be a good show.

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for and asking about John and Kelly’s baby, Kyle Sherrill. Click here if you haven’t checked out their blog. God is doing some amazing things in and through Kyle. Keep praying!

Happy Halloween!

31 10 2007

Christmas List

31 10 2007

I’m starting my Christmas list early. I really hope this is waiting for me under the tree this year….

The Slanket…


25 10 2007

Please keep baby Kyle in your prayers.For those of you who haven’t heard, Kelly Sherrill, John’s wife, had an emergency c-section Monday morning. He was delivered at 23 4/7 weeks and is in need of God’s strength and healing. I believe in the power of prayer as we have seen many examples of answered prayers and miracles over the past year and half in our small group. So please spread the word about Kyle and lift him up in prayer as well as John, Kelly and their other boys Jadon (5) and Jack (almost 2). Pray also for the work that God is doing through Kyle.

Check out this webjournal by John. It has updates and info on baby Kyle. I will post a second journal link from Kelly once it’s up and running. Read the rest of this entry »

Wiffle Ball

13 10 2007

Most Sunday afternoons you can find me playing wiffle ball at a park in the back of the Woodlands. Don’t knock it until you’ve played. You will become addicted like some of us have become. It’s always a good time and smack talk is not only permitted but encouraged.

Now….why do I bring this up???

To most people this doesn’t mean much but to a select few, your mind will be blown. I found this video of a wiffle ball pitcher on youtube and it scares me. His pitches are just plain filthy. I would never want to face him and if I did it would take three cartoon-like pitches to send back to my team with my tail between my legs. Check out the movement on some of his pitches! Unbelievable!